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How to Book

1) Check that the accommodation you have chosen is free for the time you want it, via e-mail, fax or phone.

2) Read the Rental Terms and Conditions carefully, then print out the booking form and fill it in. Send this by fax, together with proof of payment of at least 30% of the total amount due, plus €30,00 agency registration fee, extra charges excluded. The final balance must be paid on handover of accommodation.

3) When the booking form and proof of payment are received, the agency will fill in its part of the contract and send it via fax or post to the address shown on the form itself.

4) At the same time, the agency will send a voucher, which must be presented on arrival to the person in charge of the accommodation. The voucher will show the amount paid (deposit and registration fee), the amount due (final balance), and extra charges (final cleaning, bed/bathroom linen, air conditioning and guarantee deposit, where applicable). It will also show the telephone number of the person who will be in charge of the accommodation and receive payment of the final balance and possible extra charges. He or she must be contacted about 3 or 4 days prior to arrival.

Rental Terms and Conditions

1) RENT: the agency acts on behalf of the owners, and the houses, villas or flats are let out as holiday homes and are therefore exempt from Italian legislation regarding rent.

2) BOOKINGS: bookings will be considered valid only upon receipt of the booking form together with a copy of the postal order as proof of payment of 30% total amount due, plus €30,00 registration fee. The rent contract will be considered finalized with handover of the keys to the accommodation and obligatory payment of final balance and extra costs, where applicable.

3) PAYMENT: within three days of booking via phone, the agency must receive the booking contract and a copy of the postal order as proof of payment of 30% total amount due, plus €30 registration fee, extra charges excluded. If the above terms elapse, the booking will be considered cancelled.

4) GUARANTEE DEPOSIT: Upon handover of keys to the accommodation, a €100,00 guarantee deposit must be paid, which will be returned at the end of the stay if no damages are found. At the end of the holiday, if the keys cannot be given back personally due to sudden departure or inconvenient time for the person in charge of the accommodation, the guarantee deposit will be returned later by post.

5) NUMBER OF GUESTS: a number of guests higher than those the house/flat can sleep causes rescission of the contract and loss of the amount already paid with no right to a refund. The number of beds within the various houses/flats/villas can be found in the descriptions given on the agency website and in the contract.

6) ARRIVALS AND DEPARTURES: the keys to the house/flat can be handed over after 4 p.m. on the day of arrival and must be returned no later than 9:30 a.m. on the day of departure. If the keys are returned late without previous agreement with the person in charge of the accommodation, the guarantee deposit will be lost. As ship and hydrofoil departure times are often inconvenient, it will be possible to agree changes to the above times, depending on the needs and rights of clients checking in/out. The person in charge is under no obligation to provide transport to and from the accommodation, so all costs of transport for people or things must be paid by the client unless differently agreed with the person in charge.

7) FIXTURES AND FITTINGS: all houses and flats are supplied with fixtures and fittings sufficient for the number of guests they can sleep. Bed, bathroom and kitchen linen are not supplied so will have to be brought or rented locally at client’s expense. Water, gas and electricity costs are included. If there are any special needs as regards to fittings, these must be specified in the booking form, and will be included in the contract sent.

8) CLEANING: accommodation will be handed over clean and tidy. Cleaning equipment (broom, dustpan, bucket and polishing brush) is provided, and the client will be responsible for everyday cleaning and the integrity of the accommodation. At the end of the stay the dishes must be washed, the rubbish disposed of and any piece of furniture moved during the stay re-positioned. Non-fulfilment of any of the above will cause loss of guarantee deposit.

9) DAMAGES AND COMPLAINTS: any technical failures to appliances must be reported within 24 hours of entering the flat/house. Complaints made at the end of the stay will not be taken into consideration and the client will be liable for damage. If it is assessed that the damage is caused by the client’s misuse or carelessness, the cost of any repair work will be detracted from the guarantee deposit. The client will not be liable if it is ascertained that damage was not caused by carelessness or misuse. Damages will be repaired subject to the availability of workers and materials.

10) CANCELLATIONS AND CHANGES TO BOOKINGS: cancellations must be in written form and will always cause loss of agent’s fees. Fines will be applied as follows: 15% total amount due for cancellations made within 30 days of day of arrival, extra costs excluded, and 30% total amount due for cancellations made any later. If not contacted within 24 hours of the day of arrival, the agency will be free to return the house to the owner without charge. Changes to bookings will be possible subject to availability, and in any case up to 30 days prior to arrival.

11) TRIBUNAL: competency regarding any legal controversies arising from this contract will be of the Barcellona P.G. tribunal.

12) FISCAL REGISTRATION: contracts under 30 days are not subject to fiscal registration and notification to the authority.
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